Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Jamie Oliver's Winter Coleslaw

I made this for a lunch party where Giles baked a ham (I've no idea how he did it, so can't explain it here), and it was totally brilliant.

This isn't the exact Jamie Oliver recipe, but it's close enough.

In the food processor, with the coarse shredding attachment, I shredded some


and put it all in a massive bowl and squeezed lemon juice over it to stop it from going brown. Then we sliced up some

white cabbage and
red cabbage by hand, because putting it through the food processor kind of minces it up: no good.

I added the cabbages to the other veggies and tossed it around by hand. Then for a dressing I used

some large dollops of good quality plain yoghurt
some salt and pepper
one or two dollops of grainy mustard
a handful of fresh mint leaves, chopped up

And it was out of this world. Jamie: the master.

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