Sunday, February 27, 2011

Popping Off About the Oscars Tonight

Photo by Flickr User TimShoesUntied
I'm finishing up my last day of work here at the South Beach Wine & Food Festival, and fly back to snowy San Francisco tomorrow. This means I will miss the Oscars, which upsets me about as much as missing a dentist appointment, but had I been around I would have done some kind of special Oscar party snack, probably based around popcorn.

So instead you'll have to suffer though this little collection of popcorn-based content from YouTube. The song, "Popcorn," was the first "favorite song" I ever remember having, and below you get to see Will Ferrell dance to it. We also has a spicy popcorn by Pedro Ceja; a Parmesan Popcorn & Chocolate-Covered Cornflakes snack duo from Amy Blogs Chow; and finally, a super-slow-mo of a kernel of popcorn popping, just because. Enjoy!

Will Ferrell Dances to the Popcorn Song

Spicy Popcorn by Pedro Ceja

Amy Blogs Chow: Parmesan Popcorn & Chocolate-Covered Cornflakes

Popcorn Kernel in Slow Motion

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