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Easy recipes for an 18 year old to cook his family for dinner?

Q. My parents want me to cook for them occasionally, which I'm perfectly fine with. Problem is, i can't cook anything but omelets and baked beans! Anyone know any all-round nutritious dinner meals that aren't too complicated but impress easily?

A. idk if its all that nutritious but if you buy good quality i'm sure it'll be fine..
1 package frozen ravioli (preferably cheese)
1 jar pasta sauce
3/4 lb cooked and seasoned ground beef (if you want or ground turkey would be healthier)
Ricotta, mozzerella, and fresh parmesan cheese (about a half cup to a cup each)
Layer in a 9x11 inch casserole pan:
frozen ravioli
you can do another layer right on top if you want
bake for whatever time it says on the ravioli package, usually like 20 mins at 375 degrees
hope you like it!!

I trying to learn how to cook and I want to cook dinner for my family this Friday. What are easy cheap recipes?
Q. It cant be too spicy because my parents and sister cant handle to much spicy. I want to show them that I am a good cook. So what are easy cheap recipes that I can cook for dinner? Not to simple but not to hard.
A dinner recipe and a dessert recipe would be great.

A. Why not do vegetable soup with homemade bread? for the soup. for the bread.

For dessert, why not cook apple crumble?

Not too hard and not to easy, you just need enough time to prep and cook!

easy dinner recipes for a family of 4?
Q. well actually, i'm asking on behalf of my mom, because she's SICK of the same old dinners. our family aren't big on pork or pasta, but we're not allergic to anything, nobody is a great cook, and we don't use complicated ingredients [they're hard to find where we live], but can anybody recommend something easy and nutritious for us to cook? i'd rather just recipes [or links to specific recipes], rather than links to a general website, but any help is appreciated!

if it's any help knowing, we usually eat roast beef/corned beef, chicken and broccoli pie, stewed beef, chicken in breadcrumbs, pan-fried fish and steak. [as you can tell, they're big into beef, but it'd be nice to get away from all those cows!]

A. Check out stir fry's. Served over rice they are tasty and a nice change of pace. You can use beef, pork, chicken or even shrimp.

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